Habitat For Humanity In Jackson County Constructs Their First Solar Home

"The front door will be located here, a couple of patio doors here, out to exterior court yard," Victor Alfsen says.

Most people driving past this Habitat for Humanity home in Gautier would probably not give it a second look. But a closer look shows this is not just any home.

"It is a energy solar driven home."

Scheduled to be finished by Christmas, this 11-hundred square foot structure is designed to feed off the earth's temperature, heating the home during the winter and cooling it off during the summer.

"It looks a little bit different from the homes we have in Cambridge Square but it will fit in," Chapter President Latan Griffin says. "Its unique design is a benefit in itself."

Unlike other Habitat homes construction supervisor Victor Alfson says this new solar palace will have recycled tile, high performance windows, and foam installation for walls and ceilings panels.

"That will cut down on heating and lighting bills, that is for sure."

And Habitat Chapter President Laten Griffin says having cheaper bills and environmentally friendly homes is good for both the community and the environment.

"It is something designed with the homeowner in mind, especially ones who can not afford to pay high maintenance and utility bills."

Not only is this home energy efficient but in case of another hurricane it can withstand more than 130 mile per hour winds.

One of the concerns was the solar panels would fly off during a hurricane. But they've been tested in Hickory, North Carolina, and it's been proven that they won't.

While Habitat members say the home will take twice as long to build, they can't wait to finally view the completed product.

"It's great technological conception and design and something our families should be interested in."

Acclaimed author and Mississippi native John Grisham donated the money for the solar home and is purchasing many other similar homes for the Jackson County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.