Saucier Opens Farmers Market

It began just last week, on Saturday. Organizers say more than 500 people came out to Saucier's first ever Farmers Market.

"I have had people calling me from as far away as Alabama. Saying what's going on there, where can we find you," says Steve Howard, Vice President of Saucier's Improvement Association.

Howard believes the reason why people are coming out in such big numbers is partly due to convenience.

"At the moment in Saucier your only option is to travel North to Wiggins or South to Gulfport for Walmart and other big box retail. People don't really want to go to the big box retail if the can help it," says Howard.

Saucier resident Anna Dial agrees.

"I think it's a wonderful place for people that can't get in and out and go places. It's a short distance and you don't have to spend the whole day looking for things," says Dial.

Vendor Janice Shaw says this market is an important step towards the growth of Saucier.

"It's real good we have been needing one for a long time," says Shaw. "This area has a lot of potential. It's a high traffic area, friendly atmosphere. I enjoy coming, and I will be back."

According to Howard, within the next few years the Improvement Association is hoping to develop this 24 acre lot into a town center.

"We want to recreate the good old fashioned town center. Where people can come and meet each other and get the same atmosphere that we have here at the market," says Howard.

Howard says he hopes the Farmers market will encourage people to farm again maintaining the rural character of this close knit community.

Saucier's Farmers Market is located just North of the Saucier Lizana/Old Highway 49 intersection. It's openev ery Wednesday and Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm.

Howard says they are in need of more vendors. If you're interested, call 228-832-5570.