Biloxi Shrimp Tour Up And Running Again

The view from the Sailfish is much different now than it was this time last year.

"No boats in the harbor, as you can see," says Virginia Eleuterius, who heads up the Biloxi Shrimp Tour with her husband, Corrie.

Much of the backside of casino row is either turned topsy turvy or under construction, but from the looks of Corrie Eleuterius' catch Saturday morning, the creatures of the sea are making a comeback. And that's what the Eleuteriuses are hoping to do with their Biloxi shrimp tour despite the bumps they've hit along the way this year.

"Of course, we don't have electricity yet, we don't have water. Katrina took our bathrooms, too," Virginia Eleuterius says.

And business has been down about 75-percent since the Sailfish began venturing back out into coast waters in February.

"We've had a lot of group cancellations probably about 90 to 95 percent because of inadequate rooms. They say that when they get motels and hotels and all that rebuilt so that they'll have accomodations, they'll be coming back." Eleuterius says.

But like many South Mississippians, the Eleuteriuses are resilient and confident their business will grow back.

In the meantime, they're taking advantage of meeting some very special customers.

"We have some wonderful people that do come down here," Virginia Eleuterius says. "They're volunteers here. And we do take quite a few of those out, usually on the weekends."

Though some things have changed, some things, Eleuterius says, remain the same.

"Hospitality is still here. Katrina couldn't take that away," smiles Eleuterius.

To take a trip, call 228-385-1182 or 1-800-289-7908.