Jackson County's Extension Service Offers Free Hurricane Info

In an effort to help residents prepare for future hurricanes, the Jackson County Extension Service is giving away free disaster information packets.

These packets include official Mississippi and Alabama highway maps, a coloring book for children, and a Disaster Recovery booklet.

"We got the idea to make the packets with maps after talking to people who evacuated from Katrina," Walter Walker, the Extension Service local director said. "So many residents left and didn't have state highway maps. Both states donated 1,000 maps each and we just started building the hurricane packets from there."

The packet's Disaster Recovery booklet covers 13 issues ranging from packing emergency kits before the storm to cleaning mold after a storm. Walker says the office has 1,000 packets ready to go.

"These packets are just one small way residents can prepare for the next disaster. I know there is information and tips in the booklet that could help every family in the event of a storm," Walker said.

Residents can pick-up the free hurricane packets at all Jackson County libraries or at the Extension Service's temporary office at the Fairgrounds in Pascagoula in building No. 8.

For more information, please call the Extension Office at 228-769-3048.