73-Year-Old Barber Continues To Perfect His Craft

After 47 years of cutting hair, giving hot lather shaves and facials, a 73-year-old barber was almost forced to throw in the towel after Katrina flooded his barber shop in downtown Gulfport.

But even after dealing with a major heart attack, this self-proclaimed old timer was determined to get back into a shop to do what he loves.

Not much remains inside of Virgle Campbell's barber shop in Downtown Gulfport. His sign now reads closed. But after months of numerous attempts to get back to the job he loves.

Campbell was able to find someone he calls his "Angel."

"It broke my heart somebody looking for a job.. We have people that don't want to work and people walk in the door looking for a job and they don't want to hire them," said Angelica Bradshaw, owner of Snippers Family Salon.

Bradshaw recalls the day, two months ago when she told Campbell he was welcomed to work at her shop.

"When Mr. Virgle started crying, I started crying. I told him we have one rule here and one rule only. No crying in Angel's world. So he stopped crying and I stopped crying and we have been smiling and cutting ever since," said Bradshaw.

From his storm-ravaged store, Campbell was able to salvage one thing, his barber's chair.

"He's comfortable with it, so we moved my barber chair out and put in his chair," said Bradshaw.

"Good to be back in business," said Campbell.

Bradshaw says she believes a lot of people are looking for Mr. Virgle. She wanted them to now he's doing just fine, and he is still cutting hair. You can find him at Snippers Family Salon on 24 Pass Road in Gulfport.