After 16 Years, The Pass Has A Local Paper Again

Evelina Shmukler is the woman behind the Pass Christian Gazebo Gazette. She started the hometown newspaper after visiting the storm battered city shortly after Katrina struck.

"I feel like by covering the really local news, you give people the tools that they need to rebuild."

Shmuhler was first introduced to the Pass when she came down from Atlanta to cover Katrina's aftermath for the Wall Street Journal. She came back in January to do volunteer work gutting houses.

"It was that trip at New Year's in talking with people in town, especially people at the library, I decided I could use my journalism skills also to help in the recovery effort."

Evelina has since moved to the coast. She puts the Gazette together from her home and at the Pass Christian Library.

"It's mostly just me, I do all the editing and the graphic design and the lay-out and the ad sales and the subscriptions."

She says she does have several volunteers who help her write and deliver the weekly publication around town.

"I really try to make sure that the information I give them is something they can use. At the moment, I'm covering the election for mayor coming up August 8th. I cover a lot of local business openings. I have a local phone directory, which is probably one of the most popular features, because it shows what's open and what numbers to call to reach City Hall and the planning office."

Her goal is to provide Pass residents with helpful information and to grow the newspaper with the community.

"I'm really taking it one week at a time and letting it grow organically. I would love for it to remain here as long as it's useful to people. And I hope that's a long time."

The paper is also published online at so folks from out of town can keep up with the city's rebuilding progress.

The Gazebo Gazette is co-sponsoring a Mayoral Forum July 21 at the West Harrison County Civic Center on Espy Avenue. It begins at 7pm and will be moderated by WLOX News Anchor Dave Elliott.

by Al Showers