Protestors Demand Arrest Or Indictment In Williams Case

July Fourth marked 150 days since Jessie Lee Williams died while in custody at the Harrison County Jail.

Williams' attorneys say the Gulfport man was beaten to death by his jailers on the night of February 4. The coroner found that Williams death was a homicide, but nearly five months later, no one has been arrested.

On Tuesday, at the intersection of Popp's Ferry and Pass Roads in Biloxi, there was a small but visible protest.

"Today is Independence Day, so we figured we'd come out and exercise our right to assemble, but also exercise our right to assemble to do something positive on this Independence Day, since we have this right to protest injustice," said protest coordinator John Ellis Ishmael Briggs.

That injustice, these protestors say, is that still there have been no arrests or indictments for Jessie Lee Williams' death.

The 40-year-old Gulfport man died after a fight with deputies left him with head injuries so severe he was declared brain dead.

"Basically we're here to protest, and to say there should be some kind of indictment. Somebody should have been named, some arrests should have been made regarding this man's death," Briggs said.

WLOX News spoke with Harrison County Sheriff George Payne on Tuesday. He told us he still can not comment because the case remains under investigation.