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Some Bay St. Louis Neighbors Upset With Bar Noise

The local band Easy Street entertaines the crowds at Daniel's Restaurant and Lounge. But a half mile away on Leopod Street the music struck a different cord.

"This is my place where I come home to rest and find peace and my inner space is being inundated with the sound," says Shawn Prychitko, a Bay St. Louis Resident.

"Last night it woke me up, and I get up earlier in the morning and once it woke me up I couldn't go back to sleep. They need to shut it down at a reasonable hour," says Pat Green, a Bay St. Louis Resident.

When asked what would be a reasonable hour, Green says, "ten or eleven o'clock." 

The weekend music doesn't bother Green's next door neighbor; in fact, she welcomes it.

"I can hear it and I enjoy it. I sit out here in my lounge chair in the evenings and listen to it. It's soothing it's relaxing," says Bay St. Louis Resident Christy Brumfield.

Prychitko says, "Weekends are a time when people tend to relax and when you hear someone's music loud and the crowd cheering on. It's too much."

Prychiko says she's called the police at least 6 times to complain. She says the sound is able to travel far because there are few trees and homes left in the city to buffer the noise.

Restaurant Lounge Owner Ray Murphy says, "We're trying to be good neighbors but it's just some people who are going to complain about everything."

Ray Murphy is co-owner of Daniel's.

Murphy says, "We're trying to rebuild our business and give the people of Bay St. Louis a place to come and get away. We're trying to bring tax revenue back into the city."

Mayor Eddie Favre says, "We have a disturbing the peace ordinance, but that's kind of subjective because what's disturbing me might not be disturbing to my neighbor."

Mayor Favre offered one possible solution.

"Maybe encourage them to use the outside area more for special occasions like Crusin' the Coast, like 4th of July weekend. To have the outdoor entertainment and use the inside for the normal weekend business and activity," says Farve.

The General Manager of the lounge, Gerald Spotorno, told WLOX News they are operating well within the city's zoning laws. The area is zoned Highway Commercial.

He also says they have invested a lot of money in building the outdoor deck and moving the entertainment indoors would hurt their business.

By Al Showers

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