Gulfport Woman Asks For Help After Accident

Marquita Carr's totaled truck now sits at Jeremy's Towing in Gulfport. She says her vehicle troubles all began June 22nd after she parked her truck in her aunt's driveway. Pretty soon she heard a screeching car in the distance.

"He didn't stop at the stop sign. He went around the first car and I thought he was going to stop, come to the stop sign and stop. But he went faster, and he sped up. And he ran directly in the yard and hit my truck, and it missed me by about three minutes maybe," says Carr.

"When I got to the scene, the car was wedged underneath the Explorer, and we had to wait for Mississippi Power to come out and remove a power line that had fell on the car. It hit it so hard that the spare tire actually fell out from underneath the truck which is strapped under and broke it loose," says Jeremy's Towing worker Jonathan Barnett.

According to the police report, a Hispanic man by the name of Jose German was charged with driving under the influence with no driver's license, no insurance, and the car was not registered in his name.

Carr says he also didn't speak English.

So, after receiving a copy of this report, she took matters in her own hands of trying to get help.

"I went to his house, and I talked to his boss man. And they were saying they were gonna help fix my vehicle, and now they are saying they can't speak any English and they don't know what I'm talking about. Seriously," says Carr.

Carr, who only has liability insurance, says German did pay the towing and storage fee.

But she still has not seen any money to help get a new vehicle, which she desperately needs for her daughter, who has a heart murmur and must be taken to facilities in Mobile and New Orleans to be monitored several times each month.

Since the accident, she has missed two appointments already.

"If anyone can help me with my vehicle in any kind of way, I would appreciate it," says Carr.

Marquita now has an attorney who has agreed to help her case, but if you can help her in any way in finding a reasonable and reliable mode of transportation, please call (228) 863-7569.