Potential For Thunderstorms Force Launch Delay

The seven member crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery will have to wait at least one more day.

NASA leaders, citing weather concerns, scrubbed today's scheduled launch.

At dawn when the crew was awakened and had breakfast. The weather was good in fact - so good - NASA upgraded its launch forecast from 60 percent chance of a no-go for liftoff to a 60 percent chance to launch.

While NASA was working a technical issue with the orbiter, the crew was moving on schedule, suiting up, riding to the launch pad, and then strapping in for flight.

All the while watching the clouds blow in over the Cape. An hour before launch the weather situation had deteriorated to a point that there was only a 30 percent chance the cloud cover would lift.

A scrub for Saturday, not for storms, but for potential storms inside energized clouds called anvils that could mean peril for ship and for crew.

The launch is now scheduled for 3:26 pm Sunday