Waveland Officers Now Armed With Tasers

The Waveland Police Department has a new weapon to fight crime. Friday, Taser International gave the storm ravaged police department 27 taser guns.

A representative from the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Orlando volunteered to train and certify the Waveland officers to use the electrical shock guns. As part of the certification, each officer had to experience a taser jolt.

"Taser found out through the Orange County Sheriff's Department that the Waveland Police Department, for the most part, the whole city was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. When they found out about this, they knew Waveland didn't have tasers, so they donated 27 tasers to their agency at no charge," Paul Hopkin with the Orange Co. Sheriff's Department said.

"I feel we're fortunate that Taser International donated these to us and Orange County took their time to send an instructor to put on a class for us," Waveland's Assistant Police Chief Mike Prendergast said.

The tasers and support equipment are valued at more than $16,000.