Family Clinging To Hope And Mourning At Same Time

Jessie and Ashley Wilson had just bought a trailer to set up on their property in Vancleave. Tuesday, a head on crash killed Ashley and the couple's baby and seriously injured Jessie and their two sons.

Jessie Wilson, 26, is in Ocean Springs Hospital with bruises and broken bones. His brother Jerry says, "He's been through a lot of pain since Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon they finally did surgery on his wrist here at Ocean Springs Hospital and they're going to move him to USA this afternoon for hip surgery."

Jessie's 22-year-old wife Ashley and their four-month-old baby Ashlyn died in the crash. Three-year-old Jessie, Jr has a serious head injury and is in critical condition. Nineteen-month-old Calvin's spleen had to be removed. He also has liver injuries and a broken leg. Both are in a Mobile hospital.

"Hope and prayer is what the family's hanging on to now and the recovery of these babies. Recover the babies, get the babies back and healthy where the daddy and the babies can get together and where they can heal," says Jessie's sister Rosa Parrish.

The physical injuries will heal. It's Jessie's state of mind the family worries about, especially since he knows his wife and baby didn't survive the accident.

Jerry says, "I had to tell him that myself. That was about the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. He keeps forgetting because he had a concussion and I had to retell him and he's taking that very, very hard. He loved his wife and children very, very much They were inseparable."

"His babies are going to be in a different hospital and he is very upset, wondering what's going to happen to him, you know. He's just helpless and when he gets the babies home and he has to face when they say, 'Mommy.'"

If you'd like to help with the medical expenses for Jessie Wilson and his two little boys, there is an account set up at Hancock Bank at any branch. Funerals for Jessie's wife, Ashley and their baby Ashlyn will be Saturday at 9am at the First Pentecostal Church in Vancleave.