Governor's Moves Cause Some Concern

It's been almost two years since Governor Ronnie Musgrove took office. Since then, five members of his staff have either left or been fired. Mississippi Development Agency, J.C. Burns was the latest to leave. Musgrove fired Burns saying people were losing confidence in the director's abilities. With each departure comes a new face. These replacements cause some concern for lawmakers.

"Some of the concerns that you hear about around the state and in the Capitol include the concerns that many of these people were personal friends of the governor when they came in and seem to be rather bitter coming out, accusations of micro management and those kinds of things," said Sen. Terry Burton (D)Newton. House Speaker, Tim Ford, says turnover is normal for any administration. Ford has been speaker of the House for four different governors. The problem, Ford says, is getting used to the different faces. "The impact, I guess would be that you tend to build trust factors with staff people and it takes a while to do that and so the turnover creates another getting to know you time period," Ford said.

Veteran Senator, Terry Burton, agreed. "The concern is the continuity. Making sure that the policies don't dramatically change with the change of a person at a department head level or an appointment level," said Burton. Both lawmakers say the administrative changes probably won't effect Musgrove's influence, power or leadership.