Jennifer Diaz Given Probation For Tax Charges

Jennifer Diaz will spend the next two years on probation after pleading guilty last year to one charge of tax evasion.

Diaz was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Gulfport. She will pay no restitution or fine.

Her attorney says Diaz and her ex-husband, Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz, overpaid their taxes from 1999 to 2001 and will get a refund.

Jennifer Diaz wouldn't talk to the media, but her attorney says she knows the sentence could have been much more severe.

"I'll always remember Jennifer as a woman who had a lot of courage and who had to swallow a bitter pill and she did what was best for her family," Jim Kitchens said.

As part of a plea agreement, Jennifer Diaz testified against her ex-husband during his tax evasion trial in Jackson two months ago. Oliver Diaz was acquitted of the charges.