Long Beach Voters To Speak Out In Tuesday's Gaming Referendum

There were no last minute attempts Monday to stop the Long Beach referendum on gaming. So at 7am Tuesday morning, the polls will open and qualified voters will let aldermen know if they support a casino in their city on one specific piece of property.

The referendum wording is pretty specific. It asks, "Are you 'for' or 'against' land based gaming in Long Beach, north of Highway 90, across from the harbor?"

Before Katrina, the property immediately north of the harbor had a K-Mart and a Save-A-Center on it. The facts are that former alderman Jimmy Levens has an option on the land in question, and the city let his group pay for the Tuesday referendum.

It's also a fact that because the vote is non-binding, the results are nothing more than a survey. Aldermen can make future casino decisions based on the final tally, or they can make up their own minds.

Long Beach residents who live in wards one, two and three will all vote at the middle school. Everybody else will use the precincts where they normally vote. Remember, the polls will be open from 7am-7pm.