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Ohio Methodist Church Volunteers Working In Gulfport

Newly arrived volunteers from West Liberty Ohio inspect wreckage of what once was Mississippi City United Methodist Church in Gulfport. 

Many of them worked in New Orleans earlier this year, and they still remember well, the faces of Katrina's victims.  

"At first you see some depression and some just really utter sadness," says Amanda Hanford.

"Then once we cleaned out their houses and we showed them that there's people that care about you and we're interested in your lives, that brightened them up alot," he said.  

These eight volunteers from West Liberty United Methodist Church are back again, this time in South Mississippi, to show they and others like them still care.  

"You still have more damage here than what New Orleans has," says West Liberty Pastor Tim Reeves. "And you don't get any of the publicity that the Big Easy is getting down there."  

They'll spend most of their time working on various clean up and building projects in the surrounding area but they also want to work here at this still gutted facility.

"The current plan is to restore this sanctuary as it was before," says Mississippi City Pastor Rod Dickson Rishel.

But Dickson Rishel says the community comes first.  

"We have a strong commitment to serving the community rather than ourselves."

That's the exact same spirit that motivates the West Liberty volunteers to spend their summer vacations serving this community.  

"I feel very blessed in my life and I'd like to share that with everybody," says Amanda. "And this is just an active way we can do that."  

By: Don Culpepper

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