Grocery Sees Fake IDs Nearly Every Day

Employees at one Gulfport store want to warn parents and other store owners how technology is helping minors get around underage drinking laws.

Workers at Choice Supermarket say there's hardly a day that goes by that someone under 21 doesn't try to buy alcohol with a fake I-D.

Initially, they didn't realize the IDs were counterfeit, but they say a few too many coincidences plus a tip about an Internet website started to make them suspicious.

Alicia Jones and her co-workers say part of their job is to try to keep alcohol out of the hands of anyone under 21.

Lately,however, employees at Choice Supermarket say technology is making it more difficult for them to tell who is of age and who isn't because of an increase in fake ids.

"Just about every day. We've caught them a few times. We deny them but now we're starting to take licenses away," said Jones. "We're going to get rid of them and the police will be called every time."

Employees showed us a fake i.d. they say they confiscated this weekend after a teenager tried to use it to buy alcohol.

They say it is typical of the kind of counterfeit drivers licenses people bring in.

"It looks like a regular license. It's mostly Virginia, West Virginia and it's usually the year is 1984 that they were born in. It's just a repeat of some of the same things that are on all of them, " said Jones

The influx of supposed Virginians and a 1984 baby boom made employees skeptical.

Then a tip about an Internet website confirmed their suspicions

"We had a friend come in and he told us he had one. He used it to get into clubs and all that. He told us the website to go on and get it. He showed us his and we knew what to look for after we saw his," said Jones.

Choice employees say they're spending more time scrutinizing drivers licenses and they're encouraging stores who sell alcohol to do the same.

"They just need to look at them close because you can get fined and lose your license for it," said Jones. "Just watch out for them."

Choice employees say after confiscating the fake driver's license, they called the police.

Police tell us the penalties of using counterfeit identification depends on what the person is trying to use it for.