People Who Live By River Watch Weather Carefully

People who live along coast rivers or near the beach say they realized Saturday morning that severe weather was approaching. Even before the rain began, some people in Hancock County reported water levels several feet above normal. One neighborhood that was anxious was Jourdan River Shores where watching the river has become a way of life.

Stephen Barroau says he and his wife Rita have lived along the river for 18 years. He's seen the pier in front of his house go under water so many times, he says it doesn't bother him anymore.

"For me I don't worry about it until it gets up a little higher," Barroau said. "My wife is the one who worries about it when it's starting to come up like this. She don't know how far it's gonna go or anything like that."

Back in 1995 residents in the subdivision say the water level was so high it nearly reached the second floor of some homes. Since then they watch carefully to protect themselves and their property.

Linda Creel said her biggest worry is the condition of her vehicles. "Right now they're in a different spot and that's what we worry about more than anything, the cars," Creel said.

Residents say not everyone can handle living in an area that is so much at the mercy of mother nature.

"You live with it or else you pick up and go," Barroau said. "Else you're gonna let it worry you and if it starts to worry you, it's not worth it. Get out."

Some residents told us they don't keep many of their things on the ground floor because their insurance won't cover the damage.

By Danielle Thomas