A Georgia Ministry Builds Home In One Day

This day couldn't get much more special for Sally James of Pass Christian.

"It's my birthday today," says James. "I'm 68. You know it is."

Her birthday present is a new house, delivered and built in one day by a group called Squarefoot Ministries.

"When Squarefoot Ministry puts together a project like this our intent is to literally have a barn raising and make it a community effort, and that's part of the fun of what we do," says Doug Higgins with Squarefoot Ministry. "And as you can see it's coming together, and we should have a roof on it tonight."

The Fayetteville Georgia based organization prefabricated the James's new 18 hundred square foot home in a church parking lot and shipped it in pieces to Pass Christian. The James's are responsible for the materials, the foundation, plumbing and electrical work.

"Then, they will come back and sheet rock and paint this house," says James.

But the James's want more than their home back. They want their neighborhood back. They hope their new place will be an inspiration for others to reclaim what Katrina took away, and Squarefoot Ministry is committed to being a big part of that reclamation.

"Churches from all over the North Georgia Conference call us," says David Clark, Founder of Squarefoot Ministry. "They want to do this in their parking lots. So I'll be honest, I don't see why we couldn't do 50 to 100 of these over the next year."

Meaning Sally's birthday wish for her beloved home town could come true sooner than she or anyone else could have ever imagined.

"Isn't it amazing," says Sally. "Would we have all gone up to Georgia and done this for those folks up there in the same situation? I hope so. I hope that if we wouldn't have before we would now."