A Pascagoula Man's Rebuilding Troubles

"It was not long after the storm we figured we were going to rebuild back here," Pascagoula Resident David Lee says.

When David Lee and his wife made the decision to rebuild their Pascagoula home, they never thought it would be this difficult

"There is so much work going on you can't find people."

Lee says work on his hurricane devastated home started back in March.

"I thought we were going to be in it in July," Lee says.

Now nearly four months later and more than nine months after Katrina, his frustrations are starting to mount.

"It is frustrating you think this it is suppose to be exciting time, building your house, but it is slow," says Lee.

Besides finding workers to build his home, Lee says it has been just as hard finding inexpensive building material since Katrina.

"I know this week I wrote a check out for 14 thousand dollars for material for one place, and I wrote 11 thousand check a week before that. It is expensive," says Lee.

Despite these problems, Lee says he is still trying to keep a positive outlook about rebuilding.

"We are ready to start furnishing it and move in, and get out trailer and started moving in our new home," Lee says.