Hope Haven Reopens To Help Abused & Neglected Children

Friday marked a new beginning for Hancock County's home for abused and neglected children. Hope Haven hosted an open house and dedication ceremony to celebrate its reopening.

The house had six feet of water during Katrina. Everything inside was ruined, including the office, records and furniture. Hope Haven opened its first shelter ten years ago today.

Director Terry Latham said it's important to restore social programs and show the community's commitment to children.

"These people are innocent victims of abuse and neglect. Someone has to care for them and they need some place safe to go. And by reopening Hope Haven, they not only have a place to go, we're showing as a community, we still care," Latham said.

Since the storm, Latham said, the shelter has lost most of its local funding, so it's relying on private donations and help from other states. Click here if you'd like to donate to the shelter or just want to learn more about Hope Haven.