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Drug Raids Nab More Than 100 Suspects

The house on Florida Avenue in North Gulfport was the last stop on a ten day, citywide drug sweep. Police got a search warrant after making an earlier drug buy at the address. Officers charged the four people in the house.

Chief Alan Weatherford says,"We've made 125 arrests in the last ten days. Of those you got 69 that were misdemeanors and 56 that were felonies and there were nine which were juveniles citywide in the City of Gulfport."

The chief says they're just as concerned about the misdemeanors as they are felonies because the misdemeanors often lead to more serious crime.

"Let's say, for example, you have someone go out and takes an item - it may be a barbeque grill or a fishing rod - and they're going to bring it, not necessarily to the pawn shops, but to the crack houses and if they're in possession of a crack pipe. Some of the charges, that's what they are crack pipes and possession, but those arrests are important to us."

Officers have found mostly marijuana and crack cocaine. They've also collected weapons, cash, and materials to convert cocaine powder into crack. 

The chief says, "In the last few months, we've been working extremely hard. But in the last ten days, these guys have been working overtime and doing these buy busts and taking these violators off the streets right then."

The chief says he hopes other drug dealers get the message. They may not have been collared in this drug cleanup, but Weatherford says their time is coming.

Police say one person arrested will be turned over to the feds for prosecution on cocaine charges. Chief Weatherford says the street value of the drugs is more than $39,000.

by Marcia Hill

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