Hundreds Of Maryland Baptist Volunteers Answer Call For Help

After Hurricane Katrina struck, it was all these volunteers from Maryland could do to stay put.

"Someone up in Maryland had gotten the vision that hey, you know we could go down after the original masses came in to help and do some more permanent type work," says Team Leader Bill Waller.

But by waiting, one Baptist church's humble vision spread across the entire state.

"It started out 30 people, 40 people," says Waller. "Then they started saying 300 people."

In fact, so many volunteered for the Mid-Maryland Baptist Association's Mission to Mississippi, they had to leave some behind.

"Normally by the last month, even the last week, we have people that are dropping out," says Mission Director Bill Crowe. "But this time, even to the last day we left we had people begging to come. It really is amazing."

Dan Crow and three of his five are here, as he sees it, for a very simple reason.

"Jesus wants you to because these people need help, and they're hurting," says Crow. "And we know that if we can give help, we need to give it."

Retired pastor Bruce Fisher is getting his roof replaced thanks to this team of volunteers who answered that very same higher calling.

"Just the fact that they're here doing this as Christians from other churches has been just a wonderful witness in and of itself," says Fisher.

But the volunteers say the wonderful witness is a two way street.

"We don't know what we would do if this would happened to us," says Crowe. "I mean we just can't imagine what we would do. So we thank you. And it's just a pleasure for us to be able for one little bit to say God bless you and we thank you. And we just want to support you in every way possible."

The Maryland group is also holding about 15 Vacation Bible Schools for churches in the area that don't have the means or the manpower to do so right now.