Gulfport Council Shoots Down FEMA Trailer Park Site

Not on John Hill Boulevard. That was the City of Gulfport's reply to a site that was slated to house more than a hundred FEMA trailers.

In November, the council approved an area off John Hill Boulevard as a possible site for a FEMA trailer park. But on Tuesday, after hearing the pleas of residents and business owners in the area, the council put a stop to the proposed development.

One hundred fifty displaced Gulfport residents are still waiting for temporary housing from FEMA.

Mayor Brent Warr warned the council that rejecting the site could lead to litigation by FEMA.

"I hope that you will consider the fact that we could have severe liability if we take this opportunity from them after this amount of money has been committed," Mayor Warr said.

FEMA spokesperson Len DeCarlo says construction at the site just began Tuesday morning, but about $175,00 has already been spent on the proposed trailer park so far.

"Well, the design for the park is one thing, and that's just the preliminary cost of getting the approvals done, and the actual design for the property," De Carlo said.

De Carlo hopes the city will come up with new solution soon.

"We're hoping the city will be able to give us some alternatives here, locations. That's where it has to start. The city has to identify a location and give its approval," De Carlo said.