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Carolina Teens Brave Heat To Help Jackson County Residents Rebuild

More than 100 teens from North and South Carolina have hit the coast on a mission. Six different churches teamed up to help rebuild homes in Jackson County this week.

"They came knocking at my door asking do I need my house fixed. And I said, 'Yes.'"

Pascagoula Resident Morris Simmons said he prayed for help to fix his storm battered home. He never dreamed the answer would roll right up to his front door.

 "I was surprised when the bus pulled up and all these teens got off the bus," Morris said.

The teens from North Carolina and South Carolina were ready to help make Simmons' home of ten years feel like new again. 

"You are working to help these people, and it makes you feel good," South Carolina volunteer Brian Freeman said.

The kids aren't used to the hard labor, or spending so much time in the heat and humidity. But they say it's all worth it to help someone in need.

"The hardest thing has something to do with the 90 degree heat and 200 degree humidity," Freeman said.

"It's just so humid and warm and sweaty and gross. But we like it and we like what we are doing," North Carolina volunteer Sarah Wolley said.

"Some of these kids come from fairly affluent middle class families, and I think they get to see what hard work is like and what it means to give back in a very meaningful way," North Carolina volunteer Russ Dean said.

Sarah Wolley will turn 15 this week. The North Carolina resident said she never thought she'd spend her birthday putting shingles on a roof.

"I would rather be here, knowing that I was making a difference, than just at home sitting around eating cake," Wolley said.

All of the young workers share that giving spirit, and happily spread it to people like Mr. Simmons.

"Even if you are doing something you hate, what you are doing is helping somebody else and that is most important," Freeman said.

by Patrice Clark

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