City Of Moss Point Adopts Employee ID Program

A small addition to the city uniform is bringing added security to the City of Moss Point.

On Monday, June 19, the city implemented a new Employee ID Badge Program for all 135 city employees. The program is dedicated to maintaining security within the city's municipal buildings as well as providing a means of identification when working within the public.

"The new photo ID has been implemented with an eye to continued public safety and security for the citizens and employees of Moss Point," said Mayor Xavier Bishop. "Diligent use of photo ID cards will enhance the city's ability to assist our residents."

Identification badges will make it easy to identify visitors in municipal buildings for the purpose of offering directions or assistance by badge-wearing employees. In the event of an emergency, city employees will be better able to assist visitors with evacuation procedures.

In addition, all citizens are encouraged to ask to see identification when city employees are working on or near private property.

The new gold, blue and white ID badge embossed with the city's official seal includes the employee's first name, title and issue date.