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New Moss Point Marina Expected To Rejuvenate Downtown Business District

River City Harbor Marina is now open for business on the waterfront in Moss Point.

For years, the Escatawpa River was mostly used for industrial business. But since Katrina, efforts have been underway to make the river more attractive to tourists and families.

Moss Point resident and marina owner Bobby Tucker believes the Escatawpa River has been underutilized for years.

"Other people have lived here all this time, but never looked at it the way I did. So I had a fresh view," Tucker said.

After three years of development and more than a million dollars in investments, Tucker's vision is finally taking shape.

"Look at the view across here," Tucker said proudly. "I bought the southern tip of that island and all this land around."

River City Harbor Marina is still under construction. The six piers and more than 300 slips will stretch across the water to Moss Point's downtown area. Mayor Xavier Bishop said that should help boost the city's economy.

"I hope this would be a spring board for other development on the waterfront. That might include other marinas, restaurants, tours," Bishop said.

Tucker agrees. Katrina washed away so many gulf coast marinas, that he said boat owners from New Orleans to Mobile will sail into the city.

"They just come in with big boats with money and Moss Point needs that. We need the little shops to crop up," Tucker said. "I am looking for a bright future for the marina and Moss Point."

Tucker told WLOX he is also constructing a new Cajun restaurant that will open in the next four to six weeks.

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