Church Built From Ground Up In 8 Days

Just last week, WLOX News reported on nearly 100 volunteers with Mesahack's Carpenters who made the trip from North Carolina to help rebuild Clearmont Harbor United Methodist Church in Waveland. Their mission? To build the hurricane ravaged church back in only eight days.

With many hours of hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, that mission was accomplished. The end result of this ambitious project is nothing short of a miracle.

It's been a week full of hard work for volunteer Charlie Fields.

"I am worn out. I am totally exhausted. I am running on about 20 hours sleep since last Friday," said Fields.

Fields and his crew are finally gearing up and getting ready to head home after eight demanding days of work.

"We got here last Sunday or Saturday, gosh the days are running together," said Fields.

Church member Milly Usher remembers initial talks of rebuilding.

"Charlie Fields came back and he said, 'Milly, we are going to help you rebuild your church.' And I thought, 'Yeah right.' Just because people say they are going to do something doesn't mean they are going to do it," said Usher.

But Fields proved to be a man of his word. His volunteer group of more than 90 men and women rebuilt the church from the ground up in only eight days.

"I think anything is possible, but I was skeptical. Maybe a little bit," said Usher.

While Usher may have been skeptical, in the end she had a feeling things would work out.

"That's the way the Lord works in mysterious ways," said Usher.

Fields says he was pushed to his limit this week, but what he's leaving with makes it all worthwhile.

"Its been a long week, it's been a hard week, but its been a good heartfelt week," said Fields.

Clearmont United Methodist may have gotten back their building, but they are still in need. Their kitchen has no appliances or cabinets. If you would like to help call 601-928-5710.