Tip Leads To Biloxi Capital Murder Arrest

On Sunday night Boyer sat in the Harrison County jail without bond. Right now police are not releasing a motive in the case, and they're also not saying exactly how Miller died. They did talk about how they found Boyer.

"This one didn't have a whole lot of leads to go with," says police captain Darren Peterson.

Police call the arrest of 37 year old Michael Wayne Boyer the result of good detective work and help from the public. Police say an appeal for information through the media led to a dramatic turn in the investigation.

"We received a tip late yesterday evening in reference to people that had been seen around the victim's vehicle," Peterson says. "After several hours of identifying those people and doing interviews, it led us to our primary suspect, Michael Boyer."

Police accuse Michael Boyer of murdering 66-year-old Kay Miller. Her body was found in her Biloxi home on Wednesday.

It is believed she was killed either early Monday or late Sunday. Police say knowing a suspected killer is on the loose naturally causes anxiety in the community.

Peterson says "It's very satisfying to get closure on these cases not only for ourselves but for the rest of the citizens of Biloxi. When these types of things happen, it brings fear to everyone. If we're able to identify the person and get them behind bars, it may reduce that fear for other people."

Kay Miller's family is also relieved by the arrest.

They told WLOX by phone on Sunday how much they appreciate the hard work and long hours put in by the police as well as the tips from the public. Miller's youngest son Steve says while they are saddened by her loss, they pray for the suspect and his family.

Biloxi police say Michael Wayne Boyer should make his initial court appearance tomorrow. Police also say they believe the suspect and the victim knew each other.