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Father And Son Duo From Georgia Help Rebuild South Mississippi on Father's Day

"It is a little after six in the morning but we are here to work," says Georgia Volunteer Tony Turner.

Georgia resident Tony Turner and his 18- year- old son Mark wasted no time getting to work, repairing this Ocean Springs home.  

"Were going to put the cornice on the house, just whatever we're needed to do," says Tony Turner.

And while dad's adrenaline is pumping, Mark is still adjusting to these early morning hours. "Right now, I would still be a sleep," says Georgia Volunteer Mark Turner.

But on this Father's day the two say they wanted to lend their time and their talents to help South Mississippi rebuild.

"It makes you feel so good to come here and give of your time to these people because they are so appreciative," says Tony Turner.

And the Turner's says this work is even more fulfilling because they get spend this special day together.

"Not only is he my son, he is my best friend," says Tony Turner.

"I love him; it's fun to work with him," says Mark Turner.

And while the work did get a bit complicated at times and hot conditions were less then perfect, this volunteer duo is committed not only to finishing the job but making this day just as special for others, as well.

"Not only giving him something but somebody else, something too," says Mark Turner.

And the love the two have for each other makes volunteers like Gary Mixon smile.

"You see so many children who do not respect their parents. Tony's son respects him, and they give it to each other," says Georgia Volunteer Gary Mixon.

 As far as who is the best worker out this father and son duo.

"My son he is the youngest he has the energy," says Tony Turner.

"He is better in everything than me," says Mark Turner.

"Well one scrambles up the latter better and the other shouts out orders more than the other; I guess it's a team," says Gary Mixon.

This is Tony Turner's second volunteer trip to Jackson County, and Mark's first. The two say they plan to make another trip to South Mississippi by the end of the year.

By Patrice Clark

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