Long Beach Unveils Final Master Plan

The auditorium at Gulf Coast Worship Center welcomed hundreds of people throughout the day, giving everyone in Long Beach a chance to see the Master plan that has been months in the making.

Rose Ogilvie is very interested in her city's future and couldn't wait to see the unveiling of some concrete plans.

Ogilvie says, "I live in the north section of Long Beach on Ray Road, and I'm here today just to see how our city's going to evolve from this storm."

She likes the long range plans to add more shops and cafes to downtown, while keeping its quaint character.

"A lot of little neighborhoods and stores are areas that would invite out of towners to come and visit us which would be great for revenue and for growth," says Ogilvie.

She also loves the plans for the Harbor, but with one big concern.

"The harbor looks really nice, I like the harbor. I'm just not sure if we vote for land based casinos, what that's going to do and how that's gonna change," says Ogilvie.

Ogilvie worries about what will happen to the master plan that calls for low rise condos, if Long Beach residents vote in favor of land based gaming later this month.

"Experience shows us that casino will want to come in with high rises, so I'm not sure how that's going to mesh in the future if we go that way," says Ogilvie.

Long Beach citizens will cast their votes "for or against" gaming in their city on June 27th.