Vancleave Residents Come Together To Help 9-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Games, barbeque, old fashion cotton candy could be easily found in Vancleave as dozens of people came together to have a good time for a good cause.

But there is a greater meaning behind this party, and that's helping the family of nine year old cancer patient Joel Mallett.

"He is the greatest kid you every wanted to meet in this world," says Mother Antia Anaya.

" I love Joel because Joel is Joel he is always full of energy and he never lets anything get him down," says Vancleave Resident Nona Brouchard.

Lately, residents say it's been hard for Joel and his family financially. Since being diagnosed with cancer five years ago Joel's condition has gotten worse forcing his mom to quit her job to take care for him.

"I have no income whatsoever," says Anaya.

But with the help of Vancleave neighbors like Nona Brochard, who worked to put on this fundraiser for Joel and his family's, money troubles have minimized.

"We have had several people stop by and drop off donations. We have people buy one chicken dinner plate and give us 20 bucks," says Brochard.

And the giving does not stop there, Kelli Rider says when she heard about the benefit for Joel she immediately wanted to help.

"He tries so hard everyday with the situation he is in, and I didn't mind giving my time to help somebody with as big of a heart as Joel has," says Vancleave Resident Rider.

With so much love and support from the community, Joel and his family say they are proud to call Vancleave home.

"It makes me feel wonderful that they're are great people," says Anaya.

"Thank you," says Joel Mallett.

If you'd like to help, please call Nona Brochard at 228-875-0822.