Police Release More Information On Wiggins Triple Shooting

Gregory Ferguson appeared nervous and in a daze as he made his way into the courtroom.

Cameras were not allowed inside, but Judge Sean Courtney read Ferguson his rights, appointed him an attorney, and set his bond.

He is charged with one count of murder and two counts of aggravated assault after allegedly shooting three people in a Wiggins home.

Tina Havard died, and her nephew along with realtor Dorothy Lanier remain in the hospital.

Assistant Chief Steven Rodrick shared what he knows so far.

"What we can understand, he set up an appointment to view the house under an alias. At that point in time, he called about 10 minutes out and said he'd be there shortly and from what we can understand, Ms. Lanier was already at the residence getting ready to show the house and at that point in time both of them stated that he just showed up at the house, opened the door, and Ms. Lanier thought that was the gentleman she was talking about there to view the house, and he said hello how are you, raised his gun and started shooting," says Rodrick.

Rodrick says he believes Ferguson and Tina Havard met at the Gulfport V-A as patients some time ago.

He says there have been police reports of Ferguson apparently harassing Havard, but he says it is unclear whether or not Ferguson was stalking her.

Right now, police still do not have motive behind the shooting.

Ferguson will remain at the Stone County Regional Correctional facility in Wiggins under a suicide watch.

Police did not release many more details about Ferguson himself, other than he served in the Army back in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, this case has been the talk of the town, leaving some residents of Wiggins to wonder about their safety.

"It's very uncomfortable because part of the reason we moved here is because it was such a sleepy, quiet safe town. So, it really makes you wonder," says Bobbie Fenton.

"When I grew up as a kid, you go town, you leave your doors unlocked, you never had to worry about anything. And now that's all changed, and it's very sad," says Archie Gore.

The other two victims who were shot Thursday morning remain in Forrest General Hospital in critical but stable condition.