Gators Gone From Gulfport VA Beach Area

After three weeks of searching, DMR has found no sign of the alligators spotted on the beach across from the Gulfport VA, so that area is now open to the public.

Sand Beach Director Bobby Weaver says gators don't like saltwater, so officials believe the gators have made their way back into freshwater.

Here's a list of all the Harrison County beach areas now open:

  • Pass Christian, from Espy Avenue to Pitcher Point
  • Long Beach, Runnels Avenue to Trautman Avenue
  • Gulfport, the beach area at Preservation Oaks, west of the old Grand Casino site.
  • Gulfport, Oak St. to main entrance of the Gulfport VA
  • Gulfport, from Cowan Road to Markham Drive
  • Biloxi, from Rodenberg Avenue to Iberville Drive
  • Biloxi, from St. Jude Avenue to Morrison Avenue
  • Biloxi, from the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor to Oak Street.

The water all along the beach remains off limits to swimmers. Weaver says Tropical Storm Alberto brought tides about a foot above normal here and pushed in more Katrina debris, adding to the clean-up work.