Biloxi Police Call Suspicious Death A Murder

Police won't say how Kay Miller died but confirm an autopsy indicates someone killed her either late Sunday night or early Monday morning. The killer torched her house and stole her car.

Miller's son, Jim Lee of Jackson says, "I found out on the way home from work Wednesday and at first I just cried and I said, 'My mom's gone. I miss my mom.' Then you think ahead to Christmas, you know. You think ahead to that next holiday, whenever you spend that time together and Christmas will not be the same without mom."

Miller lived on a quiet street where the neighbors watch out for each other. It was a neighbor who became concerned after Miller didn't return her calls. Police say there was no sign someone forced themself into the house, leading her family to believe something happened while she walked her dog Sunday night.

Lee says, "She had a habit of taking Sweetie on a walk at 9, 10 in the evening. So, we don't know if something occurred at that time, but it appears it was sometime Sunday, early Monday."

Tuesday night an officer spotted Miller's car, a 1997 blue Honda Civic, at a carwash at Vee Street and Popps Ferry Road. A check of the tag found nothing wrong at the time.

Biloxi Police Investigator Darrin Peterson says, "The car, after investigation, we learned was actually there at that car wash Monday and Tuesday. By the time we learned of the death and we began running these leads down, the car was gone."

It showed up again Thursday night at the Home Depot off Cedar Lake Road. Police can only guess how it got there.

"So we're asking if anyone saw the vehicle or saw anyone around it, they would give us a call," Peterson says.

You can reach the Biloxi Police Department at (228) 435-6112.