SWAT Team Arrests Murder Suspect

A pre-dawn raid Friday by the Biloxi SWAT team ended with the arrest of a Wiggins murder suspect.

Police received a tip that Gregory Glen Ferguson was at Fernwood Place Apartments on Fernwood Drive in West Biloxi. And that's where the 48-year-old was taken into custody without incident around 2:30 Friday morning.

Ferguson now faces one count of murder and two counts of aggravated assault for a triple shooting in Wiggins Thursday morning.

The shooting spree killed 43-year-old Tina Havard of Stone County. Gulfport real estate agent Dottie Lanier and an unidentified male juvenile were both shot and critically injured.

Neighbors at Fernwood Place apartments are shaking their heads. The small government assisted complex is a place where many residents know one another. Some thought they knew Gregory Ferguson, the man now charged with shooting three people.

Fernwood Place residents were startled before dawn by the jolt of SWAT team flash bombs and smell of smoke. Neighbor Luke Gray first thought it was the garbage truck.

"I looked at my watch at three and said, 'Well it can't be that,' then came out and saw Biloxi SWAT out here," said Gray.

The SWAT team arrested Gregory Ferguson in Apartment 13. Officers report he was "surprised" by the awakening and arrested without incident.

Darrin Peterson is an investigator with the Biloxi Police Department.

"We're talking about somebody that was involved in a shooting earlier that day. We wanted to make sure we did it as safely for us and as safely for him as possible. That's what they train to do. They're trained to go into these situations and come out of it without anyone getting hurt," he said.

After a few hours reflecting on the overnight event, neighbor Luke Gray had trouble believing the man he knew was being charged as a murderer. Ferguson had recently come to his aid.

"My car broke down. I needed a ride to K-Mart. I'd been in the hospital and didn't feel like walking. So, I went down there. We just all have a bond with each other and watch out for each other and help each other whenever things happen," said Gray.

It was the suspect's vehicle, a blue Honda Civic, which led police to the apartment complex. Area law enforcement broadcast a description of the suspect and this vehicle shortly after the shootings.

A search warrant, clearly visible through the car window, showed police were hunting for a 9mm hand gun, binoculars and a cell phone. Also visible, at least six beers, several of them empty. Neighbors say Ferguson attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

As for a motive to the shootings, police haven't speculated. Others, including apartment neighbors, can only wonder.

"Really want to know what went down, you know. Of course, you always feel for the victims and all. I guess to sum it up, you just never know in this day and time," said Gray.