Area Businesses Pitching In To Help World Trade Center Relief

While terrorists were planning their attacks on our nation, Bay St. Louis Little Theatre Board Members were planning a building restoration fundraising dinner dance. Days following the tragedy board members decided to shift the focus of the event.

"In light of those tragic events, we've decided to take the net proceeds of the upcoming dinner dance, 60 percent of them to go to disaster relief and 40 percent to remain with the theatre, to do some of the work on the building that we proposed," Little Theatre President Scott Darrah said.

Darrah says although the theatre's needs are great, the need to help in recovery efforts is greater.

"We feel a responsibility to participate in helping out our fellow citizens in the New York and Washington areas as best we can. We still have a building that does need repairs, however we feel very strongly that this situation requires all of our attention every one of us."

At Charlie Henderson Ford, the dealership is donating $100 from the sale of any new 2001 vehicle sold. The money will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

"Like many Americans, we just felt we needed to do something to do our part like most everybody else is now," Joe Henderson, vice president of the dealership, said. "It's really nice to see how diversified America really is, and it can become united when something like this happens."

Classic Cuts in Bay St. Louis is donating 25 percent of what's taken in every Saturday throughout the month of October.

"My heart was broken when it happened, and I didn't have any family in New York, but I felt as those I did. We wanted to do everything we can even if it's a small part," business owner Michele Mareno said.

Mareno hopes to raise between $600 and $1,000 for the cause. The Bay St. Louis Little Theatre's fundraising dinner dance will be held Saturday night at the Hancock County Civic Center. For ticket information contact board member Elaine Harter at 463-0129. Ticket cost $ 25 per person.

By Al Showers