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Upcoming Casino Vote Has Residents Talking

The question on the ballot will be, "Are you for or against gaming in Long Beach north of Highway 90 across from the Harbor?"

"I still haven't fully decided. I see the positives and the increase of revenue to the city. But I also see the negatives in the lots and lots of traffic at all hours of the night and possibly lots and lots of pawn shops and some of the other things that surround the casino industry," said Mark Williams. 

"Against gaming in Long Beach. I don't think gaming is the community aspect like we have here in Long Beach, a more family centered atmosphere," said Rebecca Law.

"Well, I think if it's done subtly and done nice and doesn't ruin the frontage too much, I think we need it. I think the city is pretty broke at the moment. I came to Mississippi because of the casinos and I think we've seen what it does to Biloxi and the new school they've got from it. We need a new school," said Nick Moger.

"I'm against it because I feel that if they are going to allow the casinos, they should allow a lottery. Actually I feel the lottery will put more into the school systems than the casinos do," said Daniel Paulson.

"For. With everything that has happened to us since the storm, it's pretty obvious that we need something here in our city. I have enough confidence in our city officials that whatever it is that it will be something good and it will be nice," said Teresa Scearce.

The casino issue in Long Beach has been debated long before Hurricane Katrina hit South Mississippi. But the vote on June 27th will determine if Katrina has changed the city's stance on gaming. The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7:00 that night.

By Karla Redditte

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