Playground People Build Moss Point Project

The playground people are at it again.

"Kaboom" has already built several new playgrounds in areas hit by the hurricane. Thursday, it partnered with a financial services group called "Foresters" to build one in Moss Point.

It was a welcome project for East Park Elementary.

"Keep on going up high, to put those other posts in the hole," shouted Treynor McAdams as he directed his crew.

Some 300 volunteers put up the playground in less than eight hours.

"I'm so excited. I am so excited. This is just wonderful. It's wonderful for the children and for the community!" exclaimed principal, Marie Henderson.

Children worked side-by-side with the adult volunteers. Busy hands help assembled while steel hammers found the mark.

"That's all right. I can make it work," said McAdams, having to improvise on site.

Big Mike Stallworth attended East Park: Kindergarten through Fourth. He's happy to lend his strength.

"Just 'cause I went to the school and I really liked it a lot. And I like what they're doing with the school," he said.

The project is especially welcome at East Park Elementary. The school not only took a hit from the hurricane but it also sustained significant damage from a fire last school year.

"It's very important for the kids and the community. Especially the kids that are attending East Park. The kids make up the community. And it's very important," said former student Raven Biggs.

"We're going to pick it up pretty high, so that those purple legs go in the holes. All right?" said McAdams to the busy crew.

The day's work by an army of volunteers will leave a long lasting impression.

"This is another sign of progress, not only for East Park, but for the community," said principal Henderson.

"Kaboom" is the company behind "Operation Playground". It's a two year initiative to build 100 playgrounds in the areas impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.