Private Adjuster Says Disputed Insurance Claim A "No Brainer"

Darrell Jones is an experienced private insurance adjuster, but he says you don't need any experience to tell what happened to Greg Ladnier's home on Biloxi's Back Bay.

"Now if I was dealing with something like that, clearly I'd have nothing to go with," says Jones, pointing to an empty slab next door. "I couldn't tell you what happened there, but if I had to say I'd say flood lifted that house away and ruined it. This is not the case here."

The homeowner hired Jones after State Farm denied his claim that wind and not water, caused the initial destruction to his St. Martin home.

"I came out to investigate and lo and behold found seven trees down on his property. Five of those trees on his actual structure itself. So I knew right away that we had a problem."

Jones says State Farm at first ordered an engineer's report on the property, but then settled on the original assessment that storm surge, not wind, destroyed Greg Ladnier's home.

"There was about 25 foot of water in this area, but that occurred well after these trees had ruined this structure."

Jones says State Farm has given them the option to settle the claim through arbitration, but he says it shouldn't come to that.

"State Farm has been pretty good in trying to do the right thing, in this particular case. I don't know if it will open up other cases that are in a similar situation, but for now, what we're looking for is to just make the homeowner whole."

And he says, in this particular case that should be easy to do.

"This is a no brainer."

WLOX News called State Farm for comment on this story Thursday. However, John Deganhart, State Farm's Catastrophe Office Coordinator in Biloxi, told us the company doesn't comment on specific claims.