Child Will Live On Through Others

Melissa Durr is leaning on her co-workers and friends like never before. They're helping her through the most painful loss of her life, the death of her three-year-old son Ashford.

"Without my friends and family and people from work, I don't know what I'd be doing right now. They're keeping me sane, keeping my head focused, cause I have two other kids that I have to continue to live on for. They've just been great, been great."

Ashford died Sunday morning, the day after a driver ran him down near his aunt's house. Melissa's fellow workers held a day long car wash in the Logan's Roadhouse parking lot to raise money to help bury Ashford.

"Ashford was not like your ordinary three-year-old. He loved to play outside on his bike. He loved to climb on dressers and trees and do everything the big boys do, loved to eat and play and laugh," Melissa remembers.

She will never hear Ashford laugh again, but Melissa takes comfort in knowing her child will live on through other kids who will receive his organs. Donating them was an easy decision for Melissa.

"I knew my son was young.  I knew he was in great shape and when the doctor asked me, I had no problem. I didn't even have a second thought about it. I automatically agreed because I know that when these organs are in someone else, that even though it won't be my child, it will be a part of my child that's still walking around."

Ashford's funeral is this Saturday at the Rivers of Living Waters Baptist Church in Gulfport. He will be buried in the Evergreen Cemetery. Thursday's car wash raised more than $1,100 to help with the cost.

Linda Bolton, the woman charged with a suspended drivers license, no proof of insurance and DUI by other means causing death, is still in the Harrison County jail on $250,000 bond.