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North Carolina Reaches Out To Biloxi

Members of a North Carolina Church are on the coast for a second time to help rebuild East Howard Baptist in Biloxi.

 The church, known for serving its community received extensive damage during Katrina. It now has a new pastor and hopes for a bright new beginning.  

Pastor Larry Yarber and his wife Reba recently took on the huge responsibility of presiding over East Howard Baptist. 

"At first it was a shock, but the people grew on us. We became a family," said Yarber.

That family quickly grew as Colonial Baptist in North Carolina brought down more than 80 members of its congregation to help rebuild.

Brad Hardbaugh of Carpenters for Christ and his team have been working tirelessly. Their first visit was in March, when crews wired the church with temporary electricity.

"That's our heartbeat, that's our passion," said Hardbaugh.

Their passion is serving others, especially in time of need. The crew consists of many skilled workers, licensed plumbers, electrical contractors, builders and all-around handy men.

"We have a burden to see this project through," said Hardbaugh.

Pastor Yarber is counting on that determined spirit.

"And I tell you what, it would not bother me one bit if they decided to come one more time. I am having a good time being around this group of people. They are lifting me," said Yarber.

They hope to uplift the entire community.

"I am excited about what this church is going to do for this community in the future," said Hardbaugh.  

The North Carolina church's choir is holding two free concerts on the Town Green in Biloxi on Thursday and Friday evenings at 5:30.

by Keitha Nelson

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