Usher Brings His Star Power To Biloxi

Grammy award winning recording artist Usher is using his star-power to try to get more celebrities behind the Katrina recovery effort. On Wednesday, the R&B singer stopped by the Hope Six project in Biloxi where volunteers from Hands On are doing mold remediation.

Usher said his visit to Biloxi was to do more than sign autographs and take pictures.

"Just to clearly understand where I could be a better service for what your efforts are is the reason why I'm here," said Usher.

Hands On volunteers told Usher what they need are more volunteers.

"Spread the word, we need the help," shouted someone in the crowd.

"That's part of the reason that we're here today," responded Usher.

Where Usher goes, crowds and cameras usually follow. The recording artist is using his spotlight to bring attention to Gulf Coast hurricane victims.

"I hope I'm leading an example for other celebrities, other people in a position to bring their cameras here. To bring some kind of resolution, to come in and help and volunteer your time. I'd love for Oprah to come and see this process as well," Usher said.

As volunteers got back in the groove of mucking out mold, their celebrity visitor applauded the efforts.

"For each and every one of them to have made the choice to spend their summer volunteering their time, this is the least that I can do is to come out and show support for what they're doing," said Usher. "It also sets a good example for what we as a nation need to continue to do."

Volunteer Julie Kuklinski said, "A celebrity can come in and let people know [what we're doing]. For someone to see what we're doing and get excited about it is really important."

The non-profit foundation, Usher's New Look, has been heavily involved in Hurricane relief. Usher held a special concert to raise money to provide housing for 1,000 families who lost their homes.