Gulfport Prepares For Amnesty Week

In an effort to give citizens the opportunity to pay outstanding fines and court cost without the cost of past-due penalties or possible jail time, the City of Gulfport will host a weeklong amnesty period Monday, July 10, through Friday, July 14, from 8 AM to 5 PM at the Municipal Court Building located at 2200 15th Street.

Dr. John Kelly, Municipal Court Administrator, said this is the first time the City has ever held an Amnesty Week and he is hopeful citizens will participate and the event will be a success for the city.

"Typically, about 15% in interest is added to outstanding fines," Kelly said. "But during this week in July, citizens can avoid these late fees, and more importantly, avoid jail time, by coming in and simply paying the original fine."

While Amnesty Week will mainly focus on traffic cases, it will also cover all misdemeanor cases except DUIs, Domestic Violence and any crime that involves the use of a weapon and/or a crime against a person.

All citizens are asked to bring their driver's license or picture ID, Social Security card and copy of the actual ticket, if possible.

For more information about Amnesty Week, look for flyers in the June water bill or call 868-5785.