Designing Woman's Collection Goes Up For Auction

We all know her as that sassy southern brunette from the television sitcom "Designing Women," but to the people closest to Delta Burke, she's famous for something else.

"She buys a lot of this stuff off the sets when they get through... and she loves to go to auctions," said Burke's close friend Jennings Gilmore.

Burke and her husband Gerald McRainey recently sold their home in New Orleans and moved to Los Angeles. Now 17 storage units full of Burke's collections are going up on the auction block. More than 40 large pieces of furniture will be auctioned off, along with many other knickknacks.

The auction will be held Sunday October 28th at two in the afternoon at the Waveland Holiday Inn on Highway 90. For more information contact auctioneer Jennings Gilmore at Columbia Auction Company. (601) 736-2522 or (228) 467-5528.

One question on everybody's mind is "Will Delta show up at the auction?" Maybe... She told her auctioneer she'd love to drop in if her schedule permits.