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Sea Wolves Goalie Chuck Thuss Retires

Due to the Mississippi Sea Wolves affiliations with Montreal and Phoenix, the team has obligations to other goalies under NHL contract. When the Sea Wolves open the 2001-2002 ECHL season, a familiar face won't be in the lineup.

Tuesday night before the Sea Wolves Fan Club and season tickers holders at the Treasure Bay Hotel, Sea Wolves owner John Gagnon told the gathering he had good news and bad news. He began with the bad news saying, "I'm sorry to announce and very sad to announce that Chuck Thuss is retiring tonight."

However, he also announced good news that Thuss would remain with the Sea Wolves organization, named Director of Player Development. Those in attendance began chanting, "Chucky!"

Chuck Thuss was upset that he had to call it quits, but was happy that he would remain in Mississippi. He just purchased a home in Ocean Springs and is thankful he can remain involved in pro hockey. He said, "I'm going to miss playing the game. I played it for 26 years and it's going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to work with Coach Bob Woods helping him succeed in his new career. I think we've got a bunch of great guys here, a great organization. I'm thankful John Gagnon wanted to keep me involved. I'm going to do my best to make this team a winner."

Head Coach Bob Woods said, "Chucky is a competitor. He's just one of those guys you love to have around in the dressing room. We're pretty close friends and it means a lot that I can begin my coaching career with him."

Chuck Thuss leaves the ice as the Sea Wolves all-time leader with 54 goaltender victories and 8 shutouts.

By A.J. Giardina

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