Wal-Mart Assures Coast Leaders Of Its Post-Storm Commitment

When the next tropical storm or hurricane hits our area, Wal-Mart says it will do whatever it takes to help first responders, coast governments and citizens get the supplies they need.

Monday, representatives of the retail giant met with mayors and first responders to establish contacts and get an idea of what will be needed this hurricane season.

Wal-Mart has already committed its parking lots as relief distribution sites. The store is working with the Red Cross and Salvation Army to provide basic necessities.

Store representatives also told those on the front lines they want to help however they can in the hours immediately after a storm. Stores that don't open right away will be used as pick up sites for water, ice, and other supplies like personal hygiene items and non-perishable food.

Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran wanted to know if Wal-Mart will help out at other emergency sites.

"We're set up at Ocean Springs Middle School, for example. That was our ice and water distribution point and we also used it as a secondary emergency operations center there. Can we count on you to deliver water and ice immediately even before the FEMA, MEMA, Red Cross people come in?" Mayor Moran asked.

"If we've got the resources. And I have the authority to tell you we'll get it there as fast as we can. But who knows how fast that is," Wal-Mart District Manager Brian Thomas answered.

Thomas said they are coordinating with their vendors across the country to stockpile water and ice so they can be trucked in as soon as possible after the storm.