Murder For Hire Case Ends

A 17-year-old has pleaded guilty to charges he participated in a failed murder-for-hire scheme. Jackson County Circuit Judge Kathy King Jackson sentenced Terail P. Warren to two concurrent eight-year prison terms for attempted murder and arson.

Warren admitted he was involved in a plot last year to kill James R. Eckert Senior. Eckert is the common-law husband of Rebecca Warden Bush, who is charged with attempted capital murder. Warren testified he helped set fire to a travel trailer with the intent of killing Eckert. The victim was unharmed. Warren said later he was driven from his home in Gulfport to a meeting where a second attempt on Eckert's life was discussed.

This time, gunmen fired 12 shots as Eckert fled into a wooded area, escaping a with his life again. Four others were also charged as co-conspirators.