Summer Fair In Full Swing

As the weather heats up here in South Mississippi, so does the fun.

"My favorite rides are Fire Ball, the round circle thing. Let's see, the water ride and that's pretty much it. I just like big rides and they are fun," said Mary McDonnell.

All that and more is here at the annual Summer Fair held at the Coast Coliseum.

Not only can you test your nerves on jolting rides. You can feed a few furry animals, eat a tasty snack, or whatever else you feel like doing.

"We saw that there was a desire for people to have something else to do down here, so we went ahead and we scheduled the fair and were able to get some more work out here on the grounds, more electricity run, more lights are being reinstalled, and our grounds are getting very close to being back 100-percent," said assistant coliseum director Matt McDonnell.

McDonnell says this first weekend has already set a record for the highest number of people in attendance, and that's no surprise for Helena resident Teresa Broadus.

"There's nothing else to do around here. There's nothing here but this, so just a day out to have fun," said Broadus.

And this year, the people have more to do with new rides, games and other attractions, things that little Bubba Kiernan is taking advantage of.

"Eat, ride, lose my money. How much money have you lost so far? Thirty dollars," said Kiernan.

But what's $30 a working man like Bubba when it is all going toward having a good time.

If you missed the good time at the fair this weekend, don't worry. It all continues on Wednesday the 14th thru Father's Day on the 18th. Admission is free.