First Movie Theater In Jackson County Opens Since Katrina

"That will be 25 dollars and 25 cents," says a Ritz Theater Employee to one of the customers.

Since reopening its doors this weekend, lines of people have continued to pour in and check out the new and improved Ritz Theater.

"Over a thousand already," says Owner Carolyn Gaffney.

The doors to this theather have remaind closed since Katrina, leaving many Jackson County  movie buffs with no place to go .

"With all the storm damage, there's no where for people to go...for the community, the adults, the children," says Gaffney.

That's why owner Carolyn Gaffney and her daughter decided to buy the place and fix it up.

"Everyone from Moss Point to Oceans Springs, Gulfport knows this building. The kids hang out at the shopping mall. It is a good location," says Gaffney.

With several of Hollywood's top hits and a large concession stand offering all kinds of snacks, Gaffney hopes to make everyone's movie experience one to remember.

"Hey, how are you doing would you like popcorn and a drink," says Gaffney.

For months, people like Pascagoula resident Lisa Gray had to drive her kids to D'Iberville and Gulfport just to see a movie.

"You figure 45 minutes to get there an a 2 hour movie and the drive back it was long and tiresome," says Gray.

With the new Ritz less than 15 minutes from her home,Gray says she can save money on gas, while supporting Jackson County, and keep her kids happy, all at the same time.

"Thank you Jesus," says Gray.

Worker Aaron Platt is also much happier these days. After being unemployed for months he landed a new job at the Ritz, something he hopes will last a long time.

"I think it will be here as long as there are movie goers and movie buffs. It will be here for a long time," says Platt.